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Yacht Insurance Dubai

Yacht Insurance in Dubai

We are one of the leading Yacht Insurance Brokers in Dubai, UAE. Yacht Insurance in Dubai, UAE is an essential part of recreation for many people and their family. There are not many things that can compare with enjoying a day on the water, boating, fishing, or sailing. The sea promises freedom and adventure but can sometimes become an unpredictable and challenging environment. At such times, protection of the significant financial and emotional investment you have in your vessel becomes of utmost importance.

Pleasure crafts are subject to a range of damage and liability risks which can amount to significant financial loss. Pleasure Craft Insurance mainly caters to the Hull & Machinery of the Pleasure Craft along with all its machinery. This type of insurance is mainly taken out by the owner of the Pleasure Craft to avoid any loss in case of mishaps. It protects the interest of the owner. Coverage is provided for hull and machinery of Pleasure Craft and third party liabilities with certain exclusions and limitations.

Platinum Insurance Broker provides best options for Yacht Insurance all over UAE.